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Our Voices,

Our Stories of Resilience

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Expressions of Resilience

by Heart & Soul's 

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The Meaning of Resilience by

"Heart and Soul is a place of acceptance. A place to recover and grow into recovery."

- Chris Hoover -

"Heart and Soul means life."

- Christopher Jump -

"Heart and Soul is a loving, caring group of individuals who share their strength and hope for recovery from the many challenges we all face. Group participation is encouraged on each individual path."

- Sara Eccleston -

"Heart and Soul means a place where we are all one - no matter what your diagnosis is, you are accepted."

- Deborah Wright -

"Heart and Soul is a place where being imperfect and being accepted are both possible."

- Janice Smith -

"Heart and Soul is a place of healing through acceptance, non-judgment and sharing."

- Xibin Wu -

Digital Stories

The Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) storytelling program empowers community members to share their stories of recovery and wellness to heal and to address issues within their communities. Participants engage in workshops that help them create and share their stories in different forms. 

Here are some stories

from the Heart & Soul Community.

The Power of Hope & Recovery

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All Videos

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