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H&S Office/Drop-In Center will be closed

and NO groups will be held at County Centers

July 29-30-31

Important H&S Calendar Changes:

  • Movie Matinee is now on 1st, 2nd and 4th Saturday

  • Men's Group on Wednesdays is no longer offered

  • Zoom links for virtual groups may have changed

  • Coastside Center H&S Groups at are on pause

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Updated July Activities Calendar
Join us in June to participate in Heart & Soul's
Wellness Activities, Support Groups, and Community events.
Our activities are free of charge
and are open to all residents of San Mateo County.


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Heart & Soul offers peer-led support groups for community and connection.
All groups are free, and most of them are virtual.


(Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

Peer Support Group


Develop a Wellness Toolbox by creating your own customized Wellness Recovery  Action Plan.  Skilled facilitators will guide you through this evidence-based process of personal growth.

This weekly support group meets virtually on

Every Monday 

4:00 - 5:30 pm on Zoom.


Family Support Circle

We are excited to launch a new peer-led group for family members and other people who take care of

a loved one living with mental health challenges.

The group meets virtually on the

1st Tuesday of the month

12:30 - 2:00 pm on Zoom.


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H&S Family Support circle Flyer 6.4.24 v5.png


to Suicide Adults

Peer Support Group


Alternative ways of coping with difficult life circumstances. A safe non-clinical space for adults with personal lived experience.

The group meets virtually

1st Thursday of the month 

3:30 - 5:00 pm on Zoom.

And meets in person 3rd Thursday of the month

3:30 - 5:00 pm at the Burlingame Community Drop-in Center

H&S Alt2Su Adults Flyer 6.4.24.png

Hearing Voices

Peer Support Group

Raising awareness about voice hearing, visions, and other altered or extreme experiences.

The group meets virtually on the

2nd Thursday of the month

3:30 - 5:00 pm on Zoom.


H&S HV Group Flyer 6.4.24.png

Alternatives To Suicide Youth/Young Adults

We are excited to launch a new peer support group

for Youth and Young Adults living with mental health challenges. A safe and non-clinical space co-facilitated by people like you. 

The group meets virtually on the

3rd Saturday of the month

9:00 - 10:30 am on Zoom.


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San Mateo County Honors Heart & Soul

with the

2024 Tony Hoffman

Community Mental Health Service Award

The Tony Hoffman Community Mental Health Services Award recognizes individuals, professionals, businesses, and the media who have made an extraordinary difference in the lives of people with mental illness, and the communities in which they live. Recognition is given for public education or advocacy to promote mental health awareness and needs, or to address stigma; public education and services to provide housing and employment for persons with mental illness; creation of new and innovative programs or community support activities; recognition of fundraising for mental health activities or long-term financial support to mental health programs; or working for new mental health legislation. We also honor mental health consumers who, in their journey of recovery, are able to give back to their peers or the community. Awards are presented each May during Mental Health Month. 


Heart and Soul makes a difference and impacts Peers through one-to-one mentoring, engagement towards community resources, employment opportunities, support, and connection with a robust Peer community. They celebrate the voices and lived experience of Peers, and create inviting, relatable, restorative groups and activities to connect with our diverse communities. Over the past 15 years, Heart and Soul has provided for more than 90,000 Peer-to-Peer interactions.


We are powered by Peers!  


Heart & Soul's Peer Support Team

Proudly Receives the

2024 Tony Hoffman Community Mental Health Services Award.

L-R: Ophelia Williams, Executive Director; Yvette Agua, Peer Support Outreach Specialist; Brenda Nicholson, Peer Support Program Coordinator; Amaal Greenwood-Goodwin, Wellness Director; Yraes Guerrero, Peer Support Specialist

number one
peer support center!

Meet the Heart & Soul Team

We Are Here For You...

Video by kai san juan

2023-10-18 17.14.44.jpg

The Heart & Soul Peer Support Team

REAR (Standing)Sunny Arora, CFO Consultant; Ebony Carruthers, Program Manager; Darryl Stubblefield, Peer Support Specialist; Christopher Hoover, Peer Wellness Facilitator; Anna Marie Tantillo, Peer Support Specialist; Amaal Greenwood-Goodwin, Wellness Director; Luz  Euceda, Executive Support Specialist; Ophelia Williams Mattox, Executive Director; Patrice Massicotte, Peer Support Director; Michael Dunn, Peer Support Specialist; Brenda Nicholson, Peer Support Program Coordinator;

FRONT: (Seated)Sara Eccleston, Peer Wellness Facilitator; Liana Garza, Peer Wellness FacilitatorYoshie Hill, Program Support Specialist; Yraes Guerrero, Peer Support Specialist; Karen St. Leon, Peer Wellness Facilitator

NOT PICTURED:  Yvette Agua, Peer Support Outreach Specialist

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