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Acceptance, inclusion, and dignity
for those striving toward self-defined mental wellness...
Founded in 2005, Heart and Soul Inc. is a peer-founded, operated and governed organization. Hosting over 6000 program visits per year, our Self Help Centers and anti-stigma programming offers a variety of mental health recovery-oriented and wellness support opportunities for adults within San Mateo County.
Peer support was declared an evidence-based practice by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2007. Supporting our participants in taking a whole-person-centered approach towards their mental wellness is our goal. Through one on one, peer-to-peer counseling, self-help groups, mindfulness classes, art for wellness and our highly respected campaign, Seeing Through Stigma, we are changing the conversation from Diagnosis to Dialogue and shifting the focus from Mental Illness to Mental Resilience! Our dedicated and passionate staff encourages individuals with mental health challenges to be engaged in their recovery efforts.  



Meet Our Management Team

Cardum Harmon Penn, M.A.

Cardum brings to Heart and Soul a passion for "meeting people where they are" within the wellness spectrum. She believes that recovery is possible and real for those who suffer from mental health issues. As a consumer, she uses her lived experience to create compassionate approaches to mental wellness. Working closely with board members, staff, county representatives, community organizations and mental health advocacy groups, Cardum supports Heart and Soul in being defined as the premier consumer-run mental health services agency in San Mateo County.

Prior to joining Heart and Soul, she served as a Program Manager for the Health and Human Resources Education Center,  successfully managing five innovative mental health focused programs  bringing healing and education to the communities they serve. As a Campaign Manager for Alameda County’s 10x10 Wellness Campaign, she effectively maintained a diverse campaign steering committee and subcommittees, composed of consumers, providers, family members and Behavioral Health Care Services staff. These committees promoted wellness from a holistic perspective and a desire to reduce stigma by spreading awareness of mental health issues from a strength based perspective. During her leadership, the campaign created an empowering campaign slogan, Live well, live long, love life! and creatively reframed the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, bringing nationwide attention and receiving accolades from SAMHSA.

In addition to her work within the county system, she co-founded the Bay Area Mandala Project, a group composed of consumers, family members and mental health and medical professionals holding expertise in psychiatric crises, spiritual emergencies, peer support, and wellness and recovery support services. Based on the premise that extreme states can be potentially transformative and that psychosis can be a temporary, natural experience, the project's engagement philosophy is non-pathologizing and encourages empathetic responsiveness, placing emphasis on an integrated approach.


Cardum has worked as a wellness educator in the Bay Area for over 20 years. While engaging in several programs around the country, she has supported children and adults in a sustaining a more balanced way of living.

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Amaal Greenwood Goodwin

Program Director

I was diagnosed with my mental health challenges in 2009. After learning how to support myself in my mental wellness recovery, I became a founding member of the California Clubhouse where I gained stability and employment. It was through the Clubhouse that I got my position as a peer mentor for the HOPE Helping Our Peers Emerge program, a Heart and Soul collaborative pilot program. As of July 1, 2019, I am now the Program Director of Heart and Soul. I enjoy my role overseeing our wellness centers Friends of Hope, True Hope, The Source and Coastside. I work on partnering with the local organizations in the mental health community. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or opportunities to collaborate.

Bevin Love

Seeing Through Stigma, Program Director

I have worked with Heart and Soul for 6 years.  My recovery experience consists of the coping skills I have formed over the years to manage my mental health challenges.  Some of these include sleep, nutrition, exercise, and socialization.  It is also important for me to do the things I love to do most which are my favorite hobbies.  I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading, and watching movies. It is important for me to work in a job which excites and motivates me. I am able to do that working with Heart and Soul's Seeing Through Stigma.  I enjoy working with the peers in recovery and getting to now them and scheduling the panels. I also enjoy pairing the panelists with the panels. More...

Tom Arnott

Program Director, HOPE

Hello, I serve as the Program Director for the H.O.P.E. program and carry a background of work in the field of mental health, substance use treatment, and I'm particularly passionate about mentoring and educating transitional aged youth. I'm personally committed to human rights and welfare and creating a compassionate and empathetic environment of support within the workspace. In my free time, I enjoy finding places in nature to explore, visiting friends, and recording music at home. 

Yoshie Hill

Executive Assistant

For me, important aspects of the mental health recovery journey are hope and community. In recovery, I have been empowered with new life skills and ways of thinking to manage my mental health challenges. It means I am not a powerless victim cursed with a lifelong affliction, but a survivor with a wellness toolkit to build a happier future. I’ve been able to create a healthy, joyful, and productive life, and I can give back to the community. When I realized that I am not alone, but a member of a peer community who understand my experiences, I no longer felt isolated, stigmatized, and cut off from society. I belong somewhere! When I learned that sharing the story of my lived experience can help others, recovery gave meaning to my struggles.


I joined Heart and Soul in July 2015. Learning about mental wellness and peer support has been life-affirming for me. It is especially gratifying to use my skills to advocate for the mental health community. Above all, I love feeling so connected to my co-workers; whenever I express myself, I know I will be understood.


My hobbies are: Creative pursuits such as calligraphy, watercolors, and Zentangle art; Love of music, especially Jazz and the Gypsy Swing music of Django Reinhardt; Reading and the study of history; Following current events and being politically active; Speed-solving the New York Times crossword puzzles; Networking with my many friends on Facebook; Museum-going in San Francisco; Celebrating my Asian heritage; and the joy of cooking.

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