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“It is amazing to me how all of you share your personal life stories and problems and triumphs with complete strangers.”

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The Seeing Through Stigma campaign grew out of a 20+ year advocacy movement aimed at changing the adverse images of those living with mental health challenges and their misunderstood portrayal in the media. Seeing Through Stigma continues the work of this groundbreaking anti-stigma programming.


The result is, now those who have been previously “Unseen” can tell their story

and be witnessed standing in their strength.


Seeing Through Stigma presentations consist of panelists who share personal experiences of living with mental health challenges, relating their own experiences of stigma and how they have worked to change the adverse societal perceptions. Presentations are interactive, and the audience is encouraged to ask questions.


“It was truly a blessing to listen to the panelists' stories

as they were invaluable,

which goes to show there is hope.”

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December 9th Heart & Soul Holiday Panel 5:00 pm ​

Virtual Zoom presentation

December 17th San Mateo General Hospital 3:30 to 4:15 pm

Virtual Zoom presentation

january 2022

January 11th Sprituality Initiative  3:30 pm

Virtual Zoom presentation

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