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A Survival Guide

Hello Friends,

A dear friend of mine shared this guide with me!

“1. Hug and be with your family and friends in this time. Tell them how much you love them and are grateful for them. Cook meals together, connect, engage. Create community together in whatever form you feel called.

2. Stay away from media at this time. Go be in nature. Take time to be with yourself. A lot is coming to the surface individually and collectively. Make sure to explore those things deep within yourself so that you can be a support system to those around you and to not manifest patterns that do not serve the greater good.

3. PARENTS: Be sure to keep your kids away from the media at this time too. Be more affectionate and loving in this time. Teach your children love. Trash talking and fear will only make it harder for the younger generations to be more open, loving, and accepting. Be really clear about the message of love and kindness you want your children to carry on.

4. LISTEN to one another. Do not judge people about where they are at. A lot is being processed right now and compassion is key while we sort out where we are at as individuals and a collective.


Create more beauty in the world. Dance, sing, paint. Remind people and inspire people to be in light in this time. If you are going to protest, be sure to also find joy within it. Being upset is ok and totally valid, just be sure to nurture your warrior self in the process.

6. HEALERS: Hold deep space for what is coming up around hope and fear for people. Process your own stuff around this election first and then help others. Connect with other healers to help create a safe supportive space for you too while you continue to spread light.

We are all going through something around this event. It's going to look different for everyone. Keep that in mind as you walk through the world. We all process things differently. Dig deep and find compassion for every person in this country at this time. It will be rough at times, but I know we can do it.”

Love, Cardum

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