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" Bevin, we want to thank you and your team for coming out and presenting on Seeing Through Stigma and through the eyes of spirituality.


What an impressive and heartfelt presentation you provided to our initiative.  It allowed us to hear and see how spirituality can be a part of one's healing and continued wellness.


Each speaker spoke with authenticity and presented their story where we could truly see their struggles and then success to their road of recovery and wellness.


We wish your team continued success with your outreach to groups in the community.


Thanks for your presentation."

-Melinda and Bill


"Thank you so much for the excellent presentation. We received very good feedback ... Reducing stigma and providing hope are what we aim to achieve here at Caminar. You and your panelists appear to have found a perfect way to address this and touch many lives in the process. It's quite remarkable.


Thanks so much for all you and your team do... "





My name is Bevin Love and I am the Program Director for Seeing Through Stigma sm 

a fresh anti-stigma campaign from Heart and Soul.


My job as the Program Director is to gather a group of consumer panelists to go out into the community and share our personal experiences with mental health challenges and how we have dealt with the stigma of mental health in our personal lives and moved toward a path of recovery.


At Seeing Through Stigma, we share our stories to various audiences including high schools, nursing students, psych interns, crises center students, drug and alcohol rehab centers, and junior college students in psychology.


I have my own experience with mental health challenges, facing severe depression, high anxiety, and a mood disorder.I share with our panelists the stigma I have faced with my family, my education, jobs gained and jobs lost. I share my path in facing stigma with my mental health challenges and how I have come to a place of recovery in which I live on a daily basis. 


I am the lead and facilitator for these presentations. As the Program Director, I work with the panelists individually and coach them in telling their stories to meet the needs of a specific audience and share how they have dealt with stigma in their lives and the path they have taken towards reaching a place of wellness for them personally.


I do this by forming relationships with the panelists: mentoring and coaching them to share their experiences of resilience, whether they've been diagnosed with depression, high anxiety, schizophrenia, mood problems, PTSD or other mental health challenges.


I also help the panelists share their own daily routines living in recovery in terms of self-care, which can include a balance of healthy nutrition, sleep, exercise, social engagements, medical assistance, family support, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation


Myself, as well as the panelists, have all faced the stigma of mental health and the adverse tone society has put on those who live and have lived with mental health challenges in regards to employment, housing, forming relationships with family and friends and trying to survive in the fast pace of our society today. 


Contact: Belove@heartandsoulinc.org |  650.290.4570